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VALS Testing

General Information

VALS testing for certification is available for registered VALS trainees, who have completed the training modules. Testing can only occur at an approved VALS test center in good standing, by a trained VALS proctor, using standardized equipment. VALS testing is by appointment only, please contact your preferred VALS test center for an appointment.

The candidate must be registered with VALS, and have completed the VALS Training Program in order to be eligible for VALS testing and certification.

VALS testing consists of the 5 tasks trained in the VALS Training Program: Peg transfer, Pattern cut, Ligature loop, extra-corporeal suturing, and intra-corporeal suturing. These tasks are depicted in video demonstrations, and viewing of the videos is required prior to testing.

The proctor will provide instructions during the testing, and will record time and error scores. The raw score will be transferred to Dr. Boel Fransson, Chair Veterinary Board for Assessment of Laparoscopic Skills (VBALS), for normalization and final score generation. The test-taker will receive the final score by email, usually within a week, and an e-certificate will be attached if the result was exceeding the passing level. If the test taker failed, he or she will be responsible for re-scheduling an appointment for repeating of testing. The VALS certificate is valid for 5 years of the date on the certificate.