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VALS Fees and Registration

VALS Registration, $150

Registration in VALS is a prerequisite for the VALS test. By registering the participant will get web access over a one year duration, to video recorded training modules for independent training. The training program consists of 10 sessions designed for 45 minutes each. Please register here. For a limited time an introductory registration rate of $75 will be available for ACVS/ECVS residents.

VALS Training Course, fee varies (see below)

This course is recommended but not required for the VALS test. Basic laparoscopic manual skills are a prerequisite for successful participation in this course. The course is designed to constitute the last 4 training sessions of the VALS program. The VALS preparation training course is a one-day training course focusing on laparoscopic suturing and knot tying techniques (intra-and extracorporeal). The course consists of one hour lecture, and 4 sessions (45 min each) of hands-on training. Experienced laparoscopic surgeons will proctor 2 of the 4 training sessions. Breaks for rest will be scheduled between training sessions in order to optimize the learning. The courses are only available at some of the VALS test centers and enrollment is limited. Please contact your test center well in advance before your desired training. Alternative training courses are available with more information available on corresponding web site. Training Course fees may vary slightly between VALS centers. Please see each institutions web page,  or contact the institutions VALS faculty, for information about cost.

VALS Exam, $350 Residents, $600 for ACVS/ECVS Diplomates

The VALS examination is a certifying skills test. Certification ensues ONLY if the resulting score meets the pass level of the test. Mere participation in the VALS program does not guarantee certification. VALS registration is a prerequisite for the examination. Meeting the performance goals greatly increases the chance of a passing score level. Certification is valid 5 years. Please contact your test center to make an appointment for VALS examination. For a limited time an introductory exam rate of $175 will be available for ACVS/ECVS residents