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Cornell University new VALS center 2024

A new VALS center has opened at Cornell University under leadership of ACVS Founding Fellow MIS (Laparoscopy/Thoracoscopy) Dr. Nicole Buote. Dr. Buote is also President of the Veterinary Endoscopy Society (2024-2025), and VALS is very honored for her engagement. This makes VALS testing and training more accessible for surgeons/residents on the east coast. If you are interested in pursuing VALS at Cornell University please contact Dr. Buote at

First ACVS Fellow MIS have passed VALS requirement.

Dr. Ingrid Balsa, U California Davis,  was the first ACVS Fellow Candidate in Minimally Invasive Surgery (small animal soft tissue) passing the VALS requirement. She braved the winter storms in WA state, traveling from considerably warmer CA, arrived safely and passed her test on December 16th, 2019. Congratulations!

First International VALS certificate

On May 17, 2019, Dr. Barbara Dyall made history as the first non-US VALS certified individual, with a close to perfect score! Dr. Dyall has recently completed an ECVS residency at the Evidensia Specialist Animal Hospital in Strömsholm, Sweden. Congratulations!

Dr. Dyall was focused on work at hand in the VALT laboratory at WSU in Pullman.

The first VALS certificate awarded.

Dr. Alex Fox-Alvarez from University of Florida made history on October 11, 2017, as he obtained the first ever VALS certificate. Testing occured at the ACVS surgical summitt in Indianapolis.

Dr. Fox-Alvarez kept his nerves in check, and performed excellently.

Please join us in congratulations to Dr. Fox-Alvarez.

Logo Change

January, 2017
The VALS logo will change. Both the old and the new logo are trademark protected, and both are accepted as “official” logos for this program.

Old logo

New Logo

VALS preparation training course will be offered at the ACVS Surgical Summit in Indianapolis on October 11, 2017. A limited number of VALS certifying test will also be available on a … » More …