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Hands-on Training Courses

The VALS training program is based on independent training with detailed video-tutorials. In addition to independent training, laparoscopic suturing skills in Phase 2 of the training program, are greatly enhanced by participation in a training course. Specific VALS preparation courses are offered by some of the VALS centers, but a number of general training courses are likewise available to the trainee. Below you will find links to some of these training opportunities.


VALS Preparation Courses

These courses are aligned with the VALS training sessions and consist of a one-day training course with 2 proctored sessions, and 2 non-proctored training sessions (Sessions 7-10). Proctors of these courses are veterinary surgeons with extensive clinical experience of intracorporeal suturing. VALS Preparation courses will be offered at the ACVS Surgical Summit., and at some VALS testing centers (see below)

VALS centers offering preparation courses (by appointment only)

For all VALS registered trainees:

Washington State University

205 Ott road
Pullman 99164-7060
VALS faculty : Dr. Boel Fransson
Web site:

Cornell University

930 Campus road

Ithaca, NY 14853
VALS faculty Dr. Nicole Buote

Information available at website

Other Laparoscopic Suturing Courses

A number of laparoscopic suturing courses designed for M.D.s are excellent opportunities for suturing skills training. Examples of such include:


Laparoscopic Institute for Gynecology & Oncology; Didactic and Suture Training (without cadaver lab)
San Francisco, CA
Laparoscopic Institute for Gynecology & Oncology LIGO™.MOET Institute; Laparoscopic Suturing and Surgical Skills Course
San Francisco, CA
MOET coursesPenn Medicine, Department of Surgery; Safe Practices in Laparoscopic Surgery
Philadelphia, PA
Penn Medicine simulation


European Academy; A to Z Laparoscopic Suturing
European academy